Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Dad is Amazing. Read On.

Earlier, Mozart and I was playing this Name an Animal from A-Z game. It was a fun way to pass the time and release our poor souls from boredom. The rule was that we couldn't get help. From Google or anything.

So it went on well. I got stuck at N for a bit until I said Natterjack. Which is a toad. Thank you Enid Blyton. It went well until we got to U. The dreaded U. It was Mozart's turn (yes, I just love saying his name, you would too) so we were thinking. The obvious answer was there but it was a myhtical creature. That's like saying Phoenix for P. Or Hippogriff for H. It got to the point of me asking Dad for help.


Hanis in her room, sitting on her bed with lappy on lap. While Dad is outside watching tv.

"Dad.What's an animal that starts with a U?"

"A what?"

"Animal that starts with a U"


"That's a myhtical creature!"


It got me laughing and Mozart googled, apparently there's 2 answer. Unicorn and Urchin.

Like, Urchin? Most of us would think Sea Urchin.

But anyway, it was my turn for V. I decided to ask dear old Dad again.

"Dad. An animal that starts with a V"

And he said with no hesitation at all.


Dad, I love you for knowing just how much your daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter.

And this is the man who came to me before the 7th book came out and speculated a Star Wars twist. You know, Voldemort coming up to Harry and saying "Harry! I'am your father!".

Peace Out.


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