Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Fine, I'm No Longer Sad-ish.

I realised most of my recent posts are either sad or depressive. I even wrote about death D:

And yes, my favourite smiley face ever at the moment is the amazing, fantabolous, wonderful ...


It makes you just want to go all "EGASP" or perhaps "Goodness me!" right? I picked up the habit from an online friend and I bet he's regretting ever using that with me.

Another habit of mine now is to say BOOYA! I think that came from those years of watching Kim Possible. Ron Stoppable just loves saying that. Now I just need a naked mole rat to put in my pocket.

If any of you've noticed, my NaNoWriMo had been stagnant for a while. Its because of :

a) My stupid report.

b) The stupid presentation that got brought up early.

c) Laziness

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good I will continue writing once I get my report handed in and accepted. Like, no more procrastinating. Half the month would be gone and I'm still stuck at below 20%.

Fail, Hanis. Its an utter fail.

Even as I type this out, I'm revising my report. Which is utterly utterly tiring. But its for my own good. And of course, I have a message for someone.

Did you think every single of my classmates who were watching I didn't get it the first time round? Hell, I have no problem when you said it the second time around. Or the third. BUT when you had to repeat it over and over, for the same bloody kind of mistake, I just wanted to ask if someone woke up with an extra dose of bitchiness today? Or was it some UST you got there? But whatever, one should be thankful I followed my parents advise to just

"Smile and nod, say nothing back,"

Or as I think of it

"Just curse the person in your mind and rant about it in your blog,"

And I feel better now.

I'm into browsing people's tumblrs now. Some of them. And it inspired me to make one. I registered then it got overwhelming. I gave up and ran. xD I think its gonna be blogging for now.

Anyway, report revising time.

Peace Out.

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