Friday, November 5, 2010

Hanis the Hair Stylist.

When it comes to the lil bro. Let me tell you how his hair is like. Its like mine. Except shorter.

*hears someone grumbling how helpful that statement is*

*kicks them away*

Okay, both of us are blessed with very black hair that is neither straight nor curly. We can name is as wavy. No, my brother doesn't have a head of flippy hair.

Its like, wavy with large curls at the end.

That's why I HATE having short hair. Imagine how I'll look like with short curly hair. And no, I don't look good in it.

I just don't do short haircuts.

Getting back to my brother's hair, its the kind that can never be styled. It can't be put up in spikes, or even have a fringe.

So what he tries to achieve is the usual "run fingers in hair in some pattern" routine so it gets some kind of volume or shit.

And somehow, he makes me do this when he wants to go out.

*winks* Hanis got the touch.

Wow, that sounds so wrong.

But oh well, just wait till I can run my hand in Marky Mark's hair. You'll be jealous.

Peace Out.

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