Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Saw a Tattooed Eye-Candy.

Have I ever mentioned my weakness for white boys? Not just any white boys but ones that speak in English. Aka, first language is English. It might have to do with my preference to speak in English at times. Or it might have to do with some set-up in my mind that I just like those white boys.

And since I live in Malaysia, I don't have dozens of white boys walking around doing their own thing. So its sadness. It might be novelty thingie. It might just be plain desire.

So today I went out with the family and after staring at the very very very very long line at the movie theather, we decided that lunch was in order. So Burger King was the choice. And then that's when I saw him.




It was this white guy in beach shorts since the mall is attached to one of the country's famous water parks, and he had platinum blond hair.

And of course, the tattooes and ear studs.

*shivers* I know. It might be just me but the sight of that full tattoo sleeve, those tattooed knuckles, a tattoo on his leg made me choose a seat facing him and his two less cute but still hot friends.

There I was, eating my BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger with a healthy dollp of chilli sauce, dipping my fries once in a while as I stare at the tasty eye candy.

I wanted to shove my brother's head to the side for being in the way but then Mama was being suspicious.

I was staring a lot too.


I swear if I weren't with the family, I would have been brave enough to approach him and comment on those tats.

Is it just me or does a hot guy + tattoo = an urge to lick those tats slowly?

1 comment:

kendra30752 said...

Lol. Cute post! I get what you mean here. :)
I like me some tats too! :)


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