Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Team Draco and 3 Other Guys That Died in HP.

A friend of mine watched Harry Potter last night and the first question I asked him, well second question was :

"Was there Draco in it?"

"Not much. Less than 5 minutes"

*is dissapointed*

Yes, I'm a Draco Malfoy lover.

Well, more like Team Draco.

And also, Team Sirius, Team Snape, Team Lupin.

I love those men.


But those last 3 died. And I cried. Till my eyes bleed.

Okay, not bleed, that was just to get the third line rhyme as well.

But I did cry.

And of course, I read fanfictions way back. And wrote some too.

If you ever wanna read those old stories written 4-5 years ago with plenty of mistakes them, just tell me so.

Peace Out.

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