Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Guilty, I Pleasured Myself With These.

I got the idea from here during a google search on topics to blog about.

1. Cooking shows

2. Discreetly checking out a guy's scent.

3.Crying at sad movies or books.

4. Skipping through the book while reading it just so I know how it ends. The Harry Potter series is an exception.

5. Procastinating.

6. Facebook stalking old crushes.

7. Randomly googling people's names.

8.Making a wish every night that I'll meet the one. (I know, hopelessly romantic)

9. Sleeping in car rides.

10. Driving on the highway as it relaxes me.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

I'd totally sleep in car rides, but unfortunately, I'm usually the only person in the car at the time, so that'd be a bad idea...


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