Saturday, November 20, 2010

Talking About My New Picture.

"Bestie Noelle, did you see my new blogger profile pic?"

"I didddd,"

"What do you think of it? My face has that perfect *I'm bored in the car, have nothing to do, oh look my phone has a camera* look on it,"

"It suits your blog :D "

*decides that means a good thing*

But now, after staring at the pic, which is pic 26 out of 30, taken in the span of 15 mins, I've decided that my face has the perfect "Oh look, I think my complexion looks better now, lets take a picture ri- OMG A SQUIRREL" look.

Am I right or not?

It reminds me of the movie UP where those dogs are constantly distracted by squirrels.

Of course, I cried watching that movie. Like, duh.

Peace Out.


HiddenWriter. said...

Sorry, I've sort of been taking a break from blogger nowadays but I read some of your recent posts!
You profile pic is fine :D
Oh and I just noticed, you're doing NaNoWriMo? So am I :)

Anyways, please read my latest blog post. I'm deleting my blog but you can continue to follow me here:


Fiona said...

UP was such a great movie. (:


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