Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Squealing at Such Pretty Drawings.

Today, is officially my lazy day. I napped a lot when I'm not off my feet doing chores. My lappie was on while I was snoring with the afternoon sunlight filtering in through the curtains. I'm not up to par on today's word count. Wooohoo. Lazy Day no.1 is here.

I'm also in a crappy mood right now. Like, total crappy moood. Blergh. I have so much hate and misery in me sometimes that I feel like bleeding those emotions out. Don't worry, I'm not talking about cutting myself because I'm scared of self-inflicted pain. And blood.


But today's ray of sunshine is this amazing cute blog I found today. Its an art/drawing one which is different than my usual taste of private life blogs. But I just found the drawing style cute and I emailed the blogger who's a sweeeetie (she replied!) and I thought I'll share today's ray here.

Peace Out.


Daniel said...

That blogger you shared, I dig the way she draws.

You're from... Malaysia?

I think Singapore is in Malaysia. And if that's the case, it's totally bizarre, because I explicitly had a dream about Singapore last night. Not that it was explicit, but I explicitly remember it. I swam there from my old high school in California, and discovered a dock that had an old sailing boat hosted there that doubled as an orphanage and upscale restaurant. And then the place where I work, we bought it and installed a helipad on the dock. And then I was arrested.

True story. Except, it was a dream.

Thanks for finding me on the intarweb.

Hanis. said...

Totally cute drawings. I'm seriously considering saving up my non-existent money for a drawing.

Yes, but Malaysia is near Singapore, not in it considering Singapore is kinda tiny and can fit into Malaysia. But you were close.

Woah, what a dream. I usually dream about Hugh Jackman or talking bunnies. I think I have a post somewhere here about the latter.

In your dream, what happened to the orphanage or more like the orphans in it when you guys bought the place? Did they get free helicopter rides to school?

P/s: I laughed throughout your comment.

Simone said...

Today was a lazy day for me too. And, by the way, I saw the comment that you left on one of my posts, saying that you tagged me! I'm so sorry it took me this long to see it! But, thank you! You are awesome!


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