Thursday, November 25, 2010

Long Distance Relationships. Love-Hate Them.

Yesterday, while scrubbing off paint from my windows ( Don't ask, blame my hand for brushing up against the windows), I had my headphones on, listening to a morning show on my favourite radio station. And somehow, that day's topic was long distance relationships.

I wanted to bang my head on those windows but since I was sitting on top of a ladder, it would be unwise. I don't want to fall on to a floor covered with paint splattered newspapers. Why did I have such a reaction you wonder?

Hmm. Let me see.

Maybe that my attempts at it failed? Brilliantly I might add.

So I might get a bit cynical at the mention of LDR but I still believe in it. I still think it can work, depending on few things.

  1. If you guys started as a normal relationship and then one of you have to move or go study abroad, most of the time, it doesn't work. You're just too used to having them there that the absence is just too obvious. And even if you guys manage to stick through till the end, just remember, people change.
  2. Trust. Interest. Honesty. That's the main components needed for a LDR to make it.
  3. And honestly, if both people want it to happen, it will. Its when one starts to doubt that the relationship gets wonky.

So will I give it another go if I do have a chance? Yes. But that person has to be special. Like, nothing at all like No.3. Or as Noelle said:

"Its easy finding someone better than him. He's that bad."

I love you bestie.

I've been asked why don't I try SDR. I haven't found anyone of interest nor have anyone nearby found me so. I do sometimes just want to reach out and hold hands. Not just pretend to feel and do so.

Not just type *hold hands* and be happy with that.

Damn it. My "I wanna be loved" phase is coming back. I can feel it.

*kicks it and locks it in a trunk,shoving into a dark dark room*

There, done.

Going back to the morning show I listened to, a girl called and she has been in one for 4 years and its going strong. They meet often as this American boyfriend of hers has a business in Indonesia so he pops over to meet her.

Yes, I was so jealous and envious I wanted to smack something. But then, I'm glad that someone's having it well even though I don't know them.

Now, where is my prospective boyfriend? *sighs dramatically*

Peace Out.

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Ashraf said...

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