Monday, November 8, 2010

I Hate Presentation.

According to the guidebook, the presentation for our internship is done the week after the finals are done. In this case, the finals are finished on the 15th. And then on the 17th there's some national holiday so we all figured we would present the earliest on the 22th. Guess what?

Its this Friday. The 12th.

I found out an hour ago, when one of my coursemates called me.

My reaction?

efionhsodfoasuhnfsoaiasio what the fuck?

But wait! There was the "If you have objections, do forward it so,"

I did. And ten minutes later I got a text from my coordinator stating that:

No, we can't change the date.

My reaction?

wefohoaiewhfndwiohwaianhdaia what the hell.

So I texted her again and asked about when should we submit the report?

They wanted a draft this Friday.


Yes, I'm cursing.



Peace Out.

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