Saturday, November 6, 2010

Schedules = Evil.

I had two days of successfully getting to my word count goal. I was happy, joyous in fact that for once, I'm following a schedule. Yes, Hanis is allergic to schedules.


17 year old Hanis has a nice study schedule put up on her bedroom wall, right beside the study table, which is overflowing with books. The chair? Has her schoolbag and books too. Under the table? You name it. Books.

Mama walks into the room, sees her daughter lazing on the bed, the 6th Harry Potter book propped up with the radio turned on loud. She then consults her daughter's schedule, nicely made with colourful arrows and hearts.

"Hanis, why aren't you studying Biology?"

"I did,"

There were no Biology books nearby. At all.

"Studying it at tuition doesn't count,"

"Biology is borinnng,"

" I swear if you read your History book as much as your Harry Potter books, you'll get A's,"

*inserts some mumblings as Hanis is nearing a Draco scene*


"Err, yes Mama?"


"Can I study-"

"Anything but English or Maths,"

(Note: I love those two subjects and always use them as an excuse to avoid studying other subjects)

"Fine. Chemistry then,"

"What's the use of this pretty schedule you made last week?"

"To disobey,"

Flashback Over

Yeap, I purposely go against them. If it says 4pm: Math, I'll be on Myspace at that time.

Point of this? I can't stick to a schedule, unless its classes or something. Those, I'm good at.

So what I was trying to say is that today has been a lazy and emotional day for me. I'm listening to Angels Cry again and again. I know Noelle, I'm not supposed to listen to sad songs when I'm already down. But pleaseeee, its my way to cope. I think.

My word count for today? ZERO. Blergh.

Peace Out.


কাঠপুতুল Wooden Doll said...

Lol! I also do the same with my routine!! Rules are to break..isn't it? and it's the age to break the rules...

Loved your writing style..U can call me Alana..that's my nick name.

Hanis. said...

Hahaha, oh yes. I still break the rules now but well if I said I'll study, I'll be studying. I'm a bit better.

Aww, what a pretty nickname. I'm glad you like my style Alana =)


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