Friday, November 26, 2010

Letter to Someone Who Used to Be on My Contacts.

Dear Person Who Used To Be on My Contacts List,

Yes, I deleted you after a while of not talking. And you plainly know its not my fault. A few weeks of saying "Hi,", "Hello,", "Heya," or any other greeting and getting none in return clearly means one thing.

But silly Hanis thought perhaps you were busy. Until I found out you can still have conversations with a mutual friend. What's up with that? One conversation, I can get. But multi convos? I don't fucking get that.

Perhaps you can tell me if I was being creepy, clingy, needy or just plain bored you to tears? The message you were trying to sent to me by ignoring me really hits home when you just logged off after I said "Hi," You were having such a nice time being online an hour but then I had to disturb your peace of mind.

God, just block me will you? But don't worry, I already deleted you. So don't expect getting messages from me anymore. Wow, you must be relieved and happy, thinking "Finally, the bitch gets it!". Yeah, I got it. I got that you didn't like talking to me as much as I do talking to you.

And this is just to add on some guilt to you. It fucking hurts to be ignored by you. And yes, blame my "tender sensitivity" or what the fuck it can be called as but I got sad. Oh wait, you don't care at all. Totally slipped my mind. Silly me. Talk to you later. Not.

With regret,

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PurpleMist. said...

I know how that feels :/


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