Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fairy Godmother Needed.

I want a fairy godmother. So she can wave her sparkly wand and make things better. She'll pop into my room and be worried on how miserable I look.

Half of my face is mashed up on my pillow while I'm curled up just to apply pressure on my tummy. She'll be like

"Oh no Hanis! Let me make your wish come true,"

Wishes my dear godmother. Wishes.

1. I want you to write my report for me.

2. I want you to wish away my tummy ache.

3. I want you to make me something good to eat.

4. I want you to mend my heart

And while you at it, give me my heart's desire.

The only reason I'm not badmouthing someone who I really want to is because I fear of them tracing this and BAM, lawsuit.

But just to say this, you're a bitch.

But hey, I think that of so many people.

Peace Out.

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