Thursday, November 4, 2010


Notice the lack of updates?


1. My chores. I got loads of them.

2. My treadmill. I'm having 30 mins appointments with it.

3. My napping, wait, blame my bed for being damn comfy.

4. My Nano.

Talking about that, remember the little widget I was talking about in the post before this? *points downwards* Well, that thing had reallly helped me cause I've managed to write more than the 6667 words goal of 4 days. Wooohhoooo.

Yeah, that was just for gloating purposes.

Don't worry, an excerpt is in the coming.

Love you guys.

Peace Out.

1 comment:

Jodie-Ann said...

Haha! I blame my bed all the time. Lol. And I blame my computer for being so fun to play on. xD


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