Friday, November 12, 2010

Death is Waiting at the Door. I Hope Not.

Somehow, when it comes to the matter of death, or more like untimely aka death at young age, I always thought of what will be done to my belongings. Such as my laptop and my phone. Do ignore the journals cause that's from highschools. And how will people know? I'm talking about my online friends. How will they know that something happened to me?

I know, this is a slightly depressing issue but its just a "What will happen .. " kind of thought.

And yes, I've somehow devised a way, a plan if it so happens that I get to a sudden death/accident/coma or whatever. The first thing and the most important thing is for me, I don't want my parents to open my laptop. I don't want them to really know who I was and what I did.

Some of the things might break their hearts (do remember my parents are slightly traditional in way of thinking, so don't go think I'm in some kind of internet porn ring or something).

And oh yes, the plan? It involves two of my besties, Noelle and Mamon and the former's ability to guess my passwords. I know, its slightly weird but haven't you ever thought of what will happen to your stuffs? Especially your private belongings that might contain things you don't want others to see or read. Let alone even know about.

Am I weird and paranoid? Or am I not the only doing this?

Peace Out.

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Jane said...

I suppose we all think about it now and again, Hanis. But I can quite honestly say - I couldn't give a damn what happens to my stuff after I've gone. But then, I'm sort of an open book and everyone more or less knows everything about me.
Anyway, enough of those thoughts and back to you're usually humerous self. x


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