Monday, November 29, 2010

Kicked Out Of My Own Room

We have a cleaner come in every Monday morning and she's a godsend! Well, to me she is. Thanks to her my bathroom is clean for half the week without an effort from lazy me. Thanks to her my room is less dusty until Sunday where Mama will tell me to clean my room.

Do you, like me, see what's wrong there? Clean my room a day before the cleaner comes in? I'll deprive her of her fun. Not that she's lacking any due to having the whole house to clean. Two floors, 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms,one big kitchen and the yard as well. Oh wait, I forgot the dining room.

Cause right now I'm sitting at the dining table with my laptop and phone. Mama and the lil bro are going out to do some chores (making a key for Dad and getting breakfast) while I'm left at home with the cleaner. Why am I not in my wonderfully pink room?

The cleaner kicked me out.

"Go go go, You're not needed here,"

Perhaps I should start from the moment she arrived.

I was enjoying my cornflakes + chocolate chips when Mama told her that she wants to paint the upper walls behind my wardrobe. Which is the home to bags and boxes. So she took them down and Mama and I went through them. Sorting to Junk and Treasure. It was very very dusty.

The cleaner then forced us to let her paint the piece of wall. Fine. Then Mama got the brilliant idea of asking me:

"Hanis, do you want to move your bed around?"

"I can move it for you,"

And that's how I got kicked out. She told me to take my laptop, my phone and go elsewhere.

I still haven't showered =.=

I can hear her vaccumming now.

And while I type this out, I'm listening to this song and the next door cat doing a mating call.

I know, extremely fun.

Speaking of fun, I better go do my chores.

Peace Out.


Krystan said...

ahhh a cleaner....sounds nice...sorry you got kicked out of your room though.......

Jane said...

Ha ha, oh, what I wouldn't give for a cleaner although I think I'd be like your mum and have to clean up before she came!


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