Sunday, November 21, 2010

HP Made Me Cry.

So, I just got back from watching Harry Potter and I totally teared up few times.

  1. When Hermione obliviated her parents.
  2. When Hedwig died.
  3. The fight between Harry and Ron.
  4. When Dobby died.

Don't worry, none of those are spoilers. Its all in the books. But hell, I cried at the last one. A proper tears running down cheeks.

Is it just me or is Bill Weasley very very attractive?


I'veBeenWaitingForTheSun said...

I wanted to cry so bad when Hermione oblivated her parents. SO SAD.

And dude, I had a full on cry when Dobby died. I started crying at the end of Malfoy Manor when he got the wand and said he had no master and that he was a free elf.

“Such a beautiful be with friends.”

Oh that killed me.

Furree Katt said...

hi :D
your title should be cry, not cried. :O
i haven't seen the movie! it hasn't released in Pakistan yet. :( i want to cry too!

Hanis. said...

Haha. OMG, Thanks for telling. Changed it.

Aww, when will it be?

Furree Katt said...

you're welcome :D! well, not sure yet. but i'll let you know once i see it!


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