Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here's a Wish to Kitty Heaven.

I want a kitty cat. My old one, Tom or Fat Cat or Tommy Wommy Poo passed away 8 months ago in a horrible freak accident. *takes a moment of silence*

Dad is now looking at cats online and the bro and I are nudging each other behind his back, hoping to get one.

Please, I'll take care of it and love it just as much as I loved Tommy Wommy Poo. Just make it like me more than Tom did.

Bro: If there was a fire, who would you save?

Hanis: Of course I'll save Tom. I love him more.

Bro: You're mean.

Hanis: As if you won't do the same.

Bro: Precisely.

1 comment:

kendra30752 said...

Oh my! I am so sorry that you lost your tom. :( I know that's very terrible. I lost one of mine last june. It's like losing a child. I hope you get a new kitty that loves you just as much as Tom did! :)

Best wishes to you on your kitty search & I hope some of the pain from your loss will subside :(



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