Monday, November 15, 2010

Hanis' Plan For a New Page. Fail.

So, I was eyeing my tabs of pages on my blog and I thought to myself

"Hmm, we need another one up there. What should it be about?"

I already had my contacts info there. So after mulling about it for a few minutes, it came down to three options.

  1. A "About Me" page. All amazing people need one, so the journalists will know bits and pieces about them.
  2. A boyfriend application page. Like, I've been single for 5 months D: Hanis needs some loving. Well, more like someone who thinks she's gorgoues, bitch about mean people with, whisper sweet nothings to and cuddle with. Even if its online.
  3. Wishlist. So you can buy stuffs for me without asking what I want :D

I immediately erased the third one. I ain't a gift whore y'all. Well, not to this extent, yet. And I'm so not against people asking me what I want. I'll be utterly grateful before giving them a list of 5 items.

So that leaves the first two options. The second one seems so apppealing. Like, who knows, maybe Marky Mark/Shia/Hugh Jackman/a straight/bi hot single amazing sweet loyal loving guy is reading this and thinks

"Hanis is one amazing girl. I need to apply!!"

Before ordering flowers from an online florist for me. Carnations and gardenias please. And don't forget a quick browse through Amazon for a book.

But then, what if my mom sees this? She'll be like:

"I got some friends with single sons. I need to help my daughter,"

Which leads to me being stuck with a typical guy who's not kinky adventurous enough and rather just do it in bed stay here and not do it all over the place travel the world. That's like hell for me D: I swear. I need a guy who's willing to try new stuffs. New places! New flavours!

That made me put a line through that option, which leaves my first choice. Which is a dilemma on its own. What should I tell? This ain't some journal where I write



Fave Colour:

And so on. That will leave no air of mystery. You guys won't be intrigued by me anymore. And I'll lose my followers. Which has finally moved from the 30 followers to a pretty 32.

And I fail, utterly fail at telling people about myself. Once I had to introduce myself in an English class.

"Err, my name is Hanis. I'm, erm the first child of two with my brother being 8 years younger. I like reading. Writing too sometimes."

And I blanked. It was mortifying. Like, utter mortification.

So I cancelled my plans for another page. Unless any of you have something to ask me? And no, I won't tell you my weight. Its 3 digits (in pounds) so that's enough. I won't tell where I'm ticklish. Everywhere.

Other than that, you guys are free to ask.

*hopes at least one kind soul will ask*

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