Friday, November 5, 2010

The Excerpt You've Been Waiting For.

This is the first excerpt from my NaNo. Do excuse any spelling errors and the same goes for grammar. Editing would be done once I'm done with this challenge. Comments would be totally appreciated. And yes, no title, yet.

She leaned against the door, breathing heavily with her eyes closed, fingers curled around the doorknob, holding it still with the lock pushed in. Her skin were tingling from his touch, chest pounding, face flushed. Taking a deep breath, her sense of smell were assaulted by paint and wood. A sharp not overly unpleasing smell.

Her long hair was damp, smelling like the lake, such sweet escape, dripping drops of water onto her hastily pulled on sweater. Under the sweater, she was sweating from the run from the lake, straight home. A slight vibration in the front pocket of her jeans made her jump slightly before she cursed under her breath, hand slipping into the tight space before pulling out the phone.

Without even bothering to look at the caller-id, Xandria flipped her phone open and whispered into the receiver. A whisper that came out as a greeting and a question. A whisper that wanted answers and more. A whisper filled with yearning and curiousity.

"Hello ... ,"

"I didn't mean it,"

His voice agreed with his words. The intonation were full of regret and sadness. Turning around, she stared out of the window with the light turned off. She could make out Gabriel leaning against his opened window, arm against the pane as he stared back at her, lips moving as words spilled into her ear.

"What didn't you mean to? The kiss or the refusal?"

A groan, full of anguish.

"The latter,"

"So you're going to accept my offer,"

She could see his blond head shaking, a non-verbal answer and she closed her eyes, unwilling to look anymore. Taking a deep breath, she cleared her throat.

"Fine, at least tell me why,"


"Tell me now Gabriel,"

"Why what? Why I won't take blood from you?"

He hissed the words into his phone, green eyes hard as steel as he stared into the darkness of her room, able to see her clear as day. Leaning against the door, eyes squeezed close with a painful look on her face. It seemed like she wanted him to accept her offer so much.

"Its against my principles Xandria. Just fucking against the principles Desiree and I grew up with."

A heavy sigh.

"Your principles? Or what they told you? What they wrote in the guidebook that came with you?"

She knew her words were bitter. She was jaded in that way. She was already sick of the rules, the secrecy and them. She hates the monthly phone calls, the yearly checkups, the way they talk about her as if she was only another experiment to do a follow-up on.

When she was younger, around 7 or 8 she knew she was different. Papa had told her she''s unique and in no way, a freak. He had made her sit on his lap with her hand in his. The hour that followed had him telling her why she's not allowed to go to the local swimming pool, how she was different and who she really was. He had shown her the envelope that held her birth certificate.

She remember the tears in Papa's blue eyes when she had hugged him tightly and told him that no matter what, she was Alexander James' daughter. She was forever Alexandria James. Their names even matched, a 7 year old her had told him, tiny hands wiping away the tears from his cheeks.

"Xandria, are you okay?"

Shaking the memory away, Xandria gave a nod of her head, knowing her phone partner would see it. She cleared her throat, trying to push away her prejudice and emotions against them. Sighing deeply, she whispered three words.

"Just come here,"

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