Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Wish You Don't Have Caps Lock.

I understand that with typing, you're deprived from using different tones to convey your words. Your emotions. Your thoughts. Your feelings.

But wait, the great god of keyboards have given us a way to compensate. Do you know what is it? No? Darn it. Well, I want you to look down at your keyboard. Got that? Now look for your "A". Its right beside "S". And on the other side of "A" is the amazing Caps Lock!

Or not.

Its helpful at times. Like, when you need to use it to make it a big A instead of a small a.

And of course, its useful when you need to emphasize ONE thing. Such as in exams and so on.

"Out of these characteristics, which one is NOT true?"

Somthing like that.

But then, there's the people who just loveeees abusing that one key. Yeap, they're the people who type fully in caps.

When you do that, it gives an impression of screaming/shouting.

If it comes from a friend who suddenly has an amazing news, I don't mind. I'll be like


But then, if its in an email for someone you don't really know.

Rudeness perhaps?

I've received emails, perhaps written in annoyance/anger/displeasure and to which I can totally accept their feelings being negatively so. But then having someone type a whole paragraph in caps and ending sentences with multiple ! and ? makes me want to smack someone.

I'm aching to ask them

"Are you shouting at me?"

Or perhaps I should teach them some typing manners.

When I would rather wrench out that caps lock key before smashing their keyboard against the wall, ala Wanted.


The Sneezeweed said...

I loathe the caps lock/ shift key when its used LiKe tHiS. Really? What are you trying to say?

Hanis. said...

Hahaha. If its from someone I know that rarely talks like that, I'll assume its a clumsy day for typing. But if they do that alll the time, dang don't you guys get confused? I can't see how they can keep hitting shift/caps lock randomly.


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