Friday, November 19, 2010

I Thought They Were Sold Out.

If its up to me, I'll be watching the new Harry Potter movie in two weeks. I'll just let all the buzz die down. Which means less standing in line waiting for tickets. And less being crowded by people who only watch the movies and not read the books.

Yes, I can go and pre-book the tickets but the online system only let you do that 2 days beforehand. If I want to, lets say buy one for next Friday, I have to go to the movie theather, get in line and buy the ticket. And that is a total fail since I don't want to line up. And since we can only book it 2 days before, the tickets are usuallllly sold out. Even with about 8 screenings per day.

But then, the parents want to watch it. Don't ask me why, I'm still puzzled. They want family time. So after failing to convince them that there is no hope of tickets until December, I logged onto my online account at the movie place. Tried getting some for Friday at 3pm.

"Sorry, this showing is fully booked,"

I wasn't suprised or dissapointed. It was expected. Mama was. She suggested me to wait till midnight so I can buy some for Sunday. I was thinking "As if they're not sold out,"

Did I stayed up till midnight?


Did I book those tickets?

No. I was too lazy.

But this morning, Dad was like "Just try and see,"


"Sunday at what time?"


"Pfft, I bet my books they're sold out,"

*clicks the time and day, chooses 4 for number of tickets before clicking proceed*

*Clicks confirmed*

*Waits for news of rejection, again*

"Your reservation number is xxxxx. If tickets are unclaimed 45 mins before the showtime, they will be sold,"

My reaction?

I know.
So Sunday, here I come.


Fleur Chelsea said...

I live in Guatemala, my country has this amazing theater that to be honest I think it's the best idea they ever had, okay i'll explain they have some sorta vip area, where the tickets are a whole lot more expensive but you get to pick the place where you're going to sit, they even have waiters in case you want something to eat, and on top of that its pretty cozy, look
Lets just say im really going to enjoy watching HP

Hanis. said...

Ooooh that looks nice. I might fall asleep if I sit in one of those chairs xD

I think we have something like that here too. At selected theathers. And yes, the tickets cost wayyyy more.

Tell me how it is watching HP there. I'm envious.


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