Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pink. Well, Not Much.

You guys asked for it. So prepare to have your eyes burned be amazed at the new walls of my room. But first, I do apologize for the messy looking pictures. I took them after waking up and being a messy person, you can just imagine how messy my room is.

Yes, that's the headboard part of my bed. Yes, that's my towel. Yes, I have blue curtains with pink walls. And yes, its two shades.

No, that's my dad's golf clubs. Yes, he doesn't play anymore. So my room is like a storing place. That white thingie near the golf clubs? A signed poster of Westlife. And that's my radio and book shelves. Yes, its messy. I'm still reorganising my room.

This is pure showing off. I'm still wondering why my aunt gave me a puzzle of Cinderella for my 6th birthday when its so clear that I love Ariel. We (My cousins and I) put it together, sticked on those jewel things and Mama got it framed. Like, 15 years ago. I'm gonna hang this on the dark pink wall, once I find a nail to bang into the wall.

I found a big basket, threw away the trash in it and put some of my books in them. The basket is on the floor, near my bed so I can just take one whenever I want to.

Closer look at the books.


Mozart A Palmer said...

Brilliant. Love the books in the bin. Within reach, with a touch of random…

Jodie-Ann said...

Cute! :D

PurpleMist. said...

I like it! :D


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