Sunday, November 21, 2010

Room Makeover Talk- 1

"Since you already sent in your report and everything, why don't we paint your room next week?"

My room was painted around a decade ago when the house were renovated. Its a nice blue colour. And no, its not a girly blue. its like a some kind of blue that matches a guy's room. I just love blue.

"No more blue Hanis,"

That was fine with me. I'm more mature now and I can live with other colours.

"We have to sandpaper your walls first,"

Oh shit. One wall, the upper half is covered with glow in the dark stickers. OH MY GOD. NO. Please no. Those are mine.

"Those stars will have to go,"

If its one of those hard, stick on stars it doesn't matter. I can reuse them. But these are stickers.*takes a deep breath*


"What colour do you want?"

Now that's something to think about. No more blues. Hmm. So many colours.

"I don't want any green,"

"I want it two colours,"

"I want it to have a border wallpaper,"

"I want one of those pretty, fancy stick-on arts on the walls. I heard we can get it from IKEA,"

Mama had a look on her face. It said that her daughter is being way too demanding.

"I'm gonna need a colour catalogue,"

"No, we'll just see what the colours are at the shop,"

"I need to plan,"

"No, you don't. You'll probably be moving out in a couple of years time."

Mama: 1

Hanis: 0


PurpleMist. said...

Haha, I love the way you wrote out the conversation.

Fleur Chelsea said...

Pretty much the same conversation I had with my parents when I remodeled my room, but I won :)


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